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Eligibility: Sports Coaches, Trainers, Athletes, Healthcare professionals
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Certification by: International Health and Fitness Association (IHFA)

IHFA-International Health and Fitness Association® is a educational organization which has engage to provide health, fitness and sports training certification programs with approved credit units.

Training Need:

In our day today Sports and Physical activity life we are facing many onfield emergencies at playground, gym and training centre. If it’s following things then do you know how to handle in this situation?

1.    if athlete get sprain, strain , fractures or any other serious injuries so coach can be recognized the level of injury

2.     If someone in fall and bleeding form head then do you know which type of head injury one should stop bleeding?

3.    Do you way of vomiting can tell you it’s cause?

4.    If it’s bleeding injuries do know why the dressing with antibiotic cream / lotion / turmeric etc is not advisable as a first aider?

5.    If suddenly someone becomes unconscious on sports field so do know how to check his breathing which can be feeble breathing, how to detect it and then do you know technique of artificial breathing if he is not breathing?

5. If someone heart attack then do you know the technique of saving life which needs to be done in first 5 minutes?

6. Do know nose bleeding can some time indicate the major problem and rightly given first aid can save life?

7. Do you know how many vomiting and loose motion means dehydration?

8. Have you heard concept of Right Help and why it’s important?


Training Objective

Sports First aid and CPR is given on site in the first few minutes to self or to others during medical or accidental emergencies before the doctor or ambulance arrives.

Rightly given first aid

              onfield Safety codes and Emergencies

              management Will save the life,

              Reduce the complication

              Fasten the recovery.

              Reduce the hospital stay and intake of allopathic medicine.

              Early resume to work


CPR : In maximum case heart attack comes early in the morning or late in the evening and both are the period when getting medical help in 5 -10 minutes is not possible.

During such incidences knowledge of CPR can save the life.

First aid knowledge is very useful during midnight hours and especially while one is traveling where doctor is not easily available. First aid is at utmost use during the disaster situation


Training Syllabus

Ø  Introduction to first aid / Definitions /Aims of First Aid

Ø  Basic of human anatomy and physiology

Ø  How to examine the patient/causality

Ø  CAB of First Aid

Ø  Medical emergency in sports ground

Ø  Accidental Sports Emergency- Wounds

Ø  Accidental Sports Emergency- Fracture and sprain

Ø  Bandaging and Taping

Ø  CPR- heart attack


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