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The advanced training specialist, provides fitness professionals with the knowledge, skillset and confidence to understand human movement at a deeper level and become an advanced personal trainer. This 100% online course provides a deeper and clear understanding of how human movement occurs, by teaching you to understand the functional anatomy, biomechanical principles & biomechanics behind daily & sport specific movements. Learn simple functional assessments, the findings, recognizing normal vs. abnormal movement patterns and training strategies for the entire body. Gain a clearer understanding of the essential integrative training components, and truly understand the foundation of periodization training, and recognize and understand comprehensively about how common movement dysfunctions occur, all based on evidenced based research with practical application.

First Course: Understanding the Essence of Human Movement: How we are hardwired to move ATS-

Second Course: Human Movement Assessment/Movement Analysis: Examining from the inside out ATS-

Third Course: Integrative Training: Understanding the Fundamental Elements of Training ATS-

Fourth Course: Program Design & Periodization Training ATS-

Fifth Course: Common Movement Dysfunctions of the Orthopedic, Neuromuscular, Cardiopulmomary and Cardiovascular and Special Populations Curriculum Procedure.

This specialty certification course includes the entire Synergy of Human Movement Foundations Course which consists of five units(manuals), and five study workbooks. Access to over 40+ videos PTCS has created and posted on youtube.com(type in Pinnacle Training & Consulting Systems), practice examinations at the end of each unit and workbook, all examination costs, access to various articles and to PTCS via email for consultation.

Course Offer by - Pinnacle Consulting & Training System, USA

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